[NTG-context] Metafun : save memory content ?

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Mon Jul 18 16:39:40 CEST 2022

Am 18.07.22 um 15:20 schrieb Fabrice L via ntg-context:
> Dear list,
> I’m doing animations in MetaFun, by simply using \startMPpage (…) \stopMPpage for each frame of the animation. Here is an example: https://youtu.be/yhxUbVQx9Uo (please note you can watch it in HD by adjusting the setting in YouTube).

A great piece again! I’m amazed every time I look at your homepage 
(https://art-aleatoire.com for those who don’t know it).

> Does someone has an idea of how to do such a thing ? I can read text file in Context with no problem and integrate them in the animation process with \startMPinclusions (…) \stopMPinclusions, but I did not find a way to write information from MetaFun to a text file. Is Lua the solution ?

Lua is always the solution ;) but I don’t understand enough of both Lua 
and MetaFun...

Maybe there’s something in luametafun.pdf*?

*) Hans, this is one of the manuals that doesn’t have interaction, i.e. 
links and bookmarks; would be more usable with them.


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