[NTG-context] Prolongation of the sidebar to the footnotes.

Joaquín Ataz López jal at um.es
Mon Jul 11 11:49:04 CEST 2022

Sorry, got my thread mixed up with a previous thread. It was a mistake.

For the time being, until someone suggests something better, I am 
solving my problem by converting footnotes within the sidebar 
environment to endnotes, which I can place wherever I want.

El 11/7/22 a las 11:36, Joaquín Ataz López via ntg-context escribió:
> Good morning everybody,
> I am composing a text in which there is a sidebar environment in whose 
> text some footnotes are included. If the environment ends before the 
> page, the sidebar stops at the point where the environment ends, and 
> does not reach the area where the footnotes are. On the other hand, if 
> the environment extends to the next page, the sidebar goes all the way 
> to the bottom of the page, crossing the footnotes, which causes an 
> unaesthetic effect.
> Does anyone know how I could avoid this effect?
Joaquín Ataz López
Derecho civil
Universidad de Murcia

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