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Sun Jul 10 14:13:30 CEST 2022

Gerben Wierda via ntg-context schrieb am 09.07.2022 um 13:58:
> I’d like to experiment a bit with typesetting Japanese in ConTeXt 
> (LMTX), to see if it is doable.
> I tried looking for Japanese on ConTeXtgarden, but did not find anything.
> Can someone point me to instructions to get started with Japanese in 
> LMTX (on macOS).

1. You need a font to typeset japanese.

2. Add \setscript[nihongo] to your document to enable line breaks.

%%%% begin example
\definefontfamily [noto-cjk-jp] [serif] [Noto Serif CJK JP]

\definefontfamily [noto-cjk-jp] [sans]  [Noto Sans CJK JP]

\definefontfamily [noto-cjk-jp] [mono]  [Noto Sans Mono CJK JP]

\definetypeface [noto-cjk-jp] [mm] [math] [pagella] [default]

\setupbodyfont [noto-cjk-jp]

\setscript [nihongo]


\rm\tf 日本語 \it 日本語 \bf 日本語 \bi 日本語

\ss\tf 日本語 \it 日本語 \bf 日本語 \bi 日本語

\tt\tf 日本語 \it 日本語 \bf 日本語 \bi 日本語

%%%% end example


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