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Hans Hagen j.hagen at freedom.nl
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On 7/9/2022 12:34 AM, Otared Kavian via ntg-context wrote:
>> On 6 Jul 2022, at 22:10, Hans Hagen via ntg-context <ntg-context at ntg.nl> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We're pleased to announce the first official release of the new math code. We're talking of:
>> […]
> Dear Hans and Mikael،
> Thank you very much for the new upload and the new stuff for tyepsetting maths. I have been playing around with the features presented in the example file sent by Mikael, and I must say, among other things you have implemented, the constructs \bearkhere and \skiphere, and friends, are absolutely great, brilliant and so simple! I wonder why such a simple and elegant solution was not around before…

they were to some extend (in split=text mode) but never advocated but we 
added some to it as well as made it work with diferent alignments (most 
noticeably slanted) and number placement (overflow)

> As a plain TeX traditionalist I am a little bit sad to let the \over construct be ditched, but my sadness did not last too long.

just think of the side effects:

    {a}\over{y} + z

y and z are combined so one need to add { }


thenm infleuncing styles becomes trickier too; the lot becomes an ord 
(ok, not in lmtx, where it becomes a fraction atom) and when you compare


you even save two keystrokes -)

it's also not easy to control spacing etc because one cannot redefine 
over; actually fractions uses \U[..over|above|..] which takes two 
arguments (forward scanning)

> It seems that the \choose construct has been ditched but I did not guess what has replaced it (I guess the reason is the same for ditching \over, since the construct used to be ${n \choose k}$ and this is not what one wants to have in a macro).

some of these were just old school simple things but we have better 
alternatives; and if not: just specify what you need and we will come up 
with something (configurable)

(of course one can just define the old schoose)


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