[NTG-context] Malfunctioning of syllabic partitioning of words in Spanish

Max Chernoff mseven at telus.net
Thu Jul 7 07:38:21 CEST 2022

> I am writing a document in Spanish and I notice that the syllable 
> partitioning of words does not conform to the rules of the language. And 
> so, for example, the word "limitarse" is partitioned as "lim-itarse" 
> (the correct one is "li-mi-tar-se"), "colores" as "col-ores" (instead of 
> "co-lo-res"), "abstenerse" as "absten-erse" (and it should be 
> "abs-te-ner-se"), etc.

Make sure that you set up the language correctly. Using this test file 
(on today's new upload):

     \language[es] % Needed for Spanish hyphenation

         \hsize=0pt % Hack to force hyphenation




I get:

     li­-mi­-tar­-se // co­-lo­-res // abs­-te­-ner­-se

I don't know any Spanish, but using your test words, I think that these 
are the expected results.

Using the "pattern" script, I get slightly different results, but it 
still seems correct to me:

     $ mtxrun --script pattern --hyphenate --language=es limitarse
     mtx-patterns    | es 3 3 : limitarse : limi-tarse

     $ mtxrun --script pattern --hyphenate --language=es colores
     mtx-patterns    | es 3 3 : colores : colo-res

     $ mtxrun --script pattern --hyphenate --language=es abstenerse
     mtx-patterns    | es 3 3 : abstenerse : abs-te-nerse

If adding "\language[es]" to your document doesn't help, I believe that 
there are a few Spanish speakers on the list who will know much more 
than I do about setting up the hyphenation.

-- Max

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