[NTG-context] Malfunctioning of syllabic partitioning of words in Spanish

Joaquín Ataz López jal at um.es
Thu Jul 7 06:57:49 CEST 2022

I am writing a document in Spanish and I notice that the syllable 
partitioning of words does not conform to the rules of the language. And 
so, for example, the word "limitarse" is partitioned as "lim-itarse" 
(the correct one is "li-mi-tar-se"), "colores" as "col-ores" (instead of 
"co-lo-res"), "abstenerse" as "absten-erse" (and it should be 
"abs-te-ner-se"), etc.

These are too many errors; moreover, given that the syllabic 
partitioning rules in Spanish are relatively simple. Is it possible that 
something has been changed in the Spanish language module?
I do not know Lua and therefore I am not in a position to correct the 
corresponding module on my own, but I could synthesize the syllable 
partitioning rules for those who can, if they do not speak Spanish and 
need help in that field.

Joaquín Ataz López
Universidad de Murcia | jal at um.es

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