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Wed Jul 6 22:38:58 CEST 2022

On Wed, Jul 6, 2022 at 10:10 PM Hans Hagen via ntg-context
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> Hi,
> We're pleased to announce the first official release of the new math
> code. We're talking of:
> -- a reworked math engine (which happened stepwise so some already
> trickled into previous uploads)
> -- settling on one model for display math but with alignment variants as
> well as improving inline math (e.g. wrt linebreaks)
> -- redoing bit of the (sub) numbering
> -- improving the alignment features (the traditional one and the
> text/page mode one)
> -- fixing the math font using all kind of tweaks in the goodie file
> -- providing means to annotate formulas
> -- we ditched support for \over simply because it is too fragile wrt
> spacing (one can \usemodule[oldmath] to get it back
> -- we might move some more alien stuff to m-oldmath in due time
> We paid a lot of attention to details of positioning, sizing and spacing
> of glyphs. We do have some documents in the making that describe this
> (some are in the ontarget namespace) and the second half of this year we
> use for writing a math manual (Mikael) and updating the luametatex
> manual (Hans). For sure we will run into unforseen issues, come up with
> additional things and try to please users who have demands. There are
> 'hidden' features that will be revealed stepwise.
> An example of some usage will be posted next.
> The pragma-ade.com domain is still in transfer but the nl one should
> work fine. There is now also a https://www.luametatex.org that might be
> get some more than there is now (when i find it useful but best to have
> the domain for the ctx group).
> Mikael & Hans
> (on behalf of the CMS)


Attached is a file with some example formulas and comments that might
be of help.

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