[NTG-context] Count (and limit) glyphs per line?

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sun Jun 26 19:11:00 CEST 2022

On 6/25/2022 10:25 PM, Benjamin Buchmuller via ntg-context wrote:
> Dear list,
> A brief follow-up for (1) itemizations [resolved; but question on ConTeXt hsize defaults] and (2) hyphenation [troubles].
> (1) To deal with itemizations and other situation where texts are indented such as:
>     \setuppapersize[landscape,letter]
>     \showframe
>     \starttext
> 	   \samplefile{knuth}
> 	   \ctxlua{context(tex.dimen["textwidth"])} % 37213340
> 	   \ctxlua{context(tex.dimen["localhsize"])} % 0
> 	   \startitemize[width=5em]
> 	   \item \samplefile{knuth}
> 	   \ctxlua{context(tex.dimen["textwidth"])} % 37213340
> 	   \ctxlua{context(tex.dimen["localhsize"])} % 33283340
> 	   \stopitemize
>     \stoptext

The problem with these thing is that there is more involved than just 
counting, like font features, hyphenation, current paragrph properties, 
etc. and you don't want interference with other features. You also want 
the paragraphs to look somewhat ok. Folks who enforce such demands on 
authors never wonder where the tools do do that come from (publishers 
and probably most designers are not interested in that anyway: thinking 
probably stops at the number '120').

Attached a proof of concept that gives an idea. No upload as first we 
need to do some wrapping up of math. Not that we needed something in the 
engine other than the linebreak helper to accept direct modes (no need 
to go back and forth then and i only want write this crap once). Could 
be a module although it's only some 70 lines of code in the end. Maybe 
it makes a nice (lmtx) demo for the ctx meeting too.

Here we work per paragraph not per line which looks better on the 
average. One could mess with parshapes but why bother.

(The todo in the name refers to the fact that it might do into a th elow 
level paragraph manual.)

(No more time now but we can add later; remind me if I forget.)


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