[NTG-context] Count (and limit) glyphs per line?

Hans Hagen j.hagen at freedom.nl
Sun Jun 26 10:28:34 CEST 2022

On 6/25/2022 5:38 PM, Benjamin Buchmuller via ntg-context wrote:
> Wow, that works like a charm! Thank you, Max!
> It's also a very insightful example of how to use and inject Lua code in the TeX output routine. Do you mind if I add it to the wiki? (Probably under "Wrapping".)
I didn't check it but it's not the output routine one kicks code in, but 
likely some other spot.

Be aware that messing around with node lists

- can have a performance hit
- can have interferences with other mechanisms
- use the user callback hooks (before/after), not the system ones


- i ignore complains about performance
- i won't spent time on issues related to it

so, when do do such thingsm best work with a 'frozen' install and check 
your stuff after an update:

- play safe


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