[NTG-context] Rotating jpeg image gives weird output

Max Chernoff mseven at telus.net
Wed Jun 15 00:52:22 CEST 2022

> Any other ideas? (I tend to think the image is corrupted in one way or the other, but I have no clue how to fix that.)

You could try making a new image with the same content. Assuming you're 
on Windows 10/11, install Image Magick

     winget install -e --id ImageMagick.ImageMagick

then run

     magick convert -strip image.jpg temp.tga
     magick convert -strip temp.tga new-image.jpg
     del temp.tga

which should give you a new image "new-image.jpg" that shouldn't be 
corrupt. If you are still having problems with this new image, then the 
issue is likely with ConTeXt itself, and this specific image is just 
triggering it somehow.

-- Max

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