[NTG-context] small fontsize and \definecolumnsetspan cause columns to jump (bug?)

a badin andrej.badin at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 19:22:17 CEST 2022


if the fontsize is smaller than ~11pt and there is \startcolumnsetspan used,
then the two first lines of the second column are not aligned to the
grid (they jump). Making the font bigger, or deleting the
\startcolumnsetspan can both fix the problem. It seems like a bug to
me, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. Any idea about how to align
all the lines in this specific table? I'm using it in a whole chapter
in a small book with poems and on a small format the jump is visible.

%\setupbodyfont[12pt] % works ok

\setuppapersize[A8] % just to make this visible

\definecolumnset[example2][n=6, width=20mm]

Jumpy table \blank[line]

\input ward


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