[NTG-context] Workshop at FrOSCon

a badin andrej.badin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 13:01:03 CEST 2022

> From: juh+ntg-context at mailbox.org

> My main problem is that I never used Windows in my life and have no idea
> how to help people with installing lmtx on this platform.
> juh

I'm a beginner in context (and not a programmer by profession) and
installing lmtx on windows was very easy for me. the steps are on the
wiki https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Installation and it is as easy as
it is written there. I've been using context thanks to these
installation steps on win 7 and win 10. I'm not sure what the
targetgroup at the conference is, but if the people there ever used a
commandline, they should be good to go. once you install, you open the
commandline using Win+R and then type "cmd". Once in the cmd, you only
need to know the command "cd" (change directory) to navigate to the
folder where the .tex source is, so e.g. "cd c:\users\x\documents\"
and then run "context test.tex". That is the manual way.

I use sublimetext as text editor and made a new build for it, that
when I press Ctrl+B saves all changes in the open file/folder and runs
context on the open file and previews the pdf in mupdf that is zoomed
to be 1:1 paper:print on my dpi. It's a bit like TeXworks, just press
button and see the pdf, because mupdf automatically overwrites the
open pdf without asking.

It's 4 hours by train for me to Bonn and I'm not sure whether I'm a
good candidate to teach people context due to my low skill, but I can
surely teach you how to install lmtx on windows if you like (we could
call or sth).


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