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Wed Jun 8 07:18:45 CEST 2022

Dear all,

this year there will be a real life FrOSCon in Bonn Sankt Augustin at
the Fachhochschule Rhein-Sieg again.


I am considering to submit a workshop to bootstrap people with ConTeXt,
but I am not the best one to do this. So I would like to discuss if we
as a community can do something.

There are several possibilities:

1. Developer Room

This is a room where a project can organize their own schedule. They can
programme, give talks or workshops. I've done some of these in the
recent years together with the Zope/Plone Community, the Python
Community or Hostsharing. It was always great fun.

2. Workshop

A workshop is scheduled in the main programme of FrOSCon. Duration: 2h.
I think that this is a good schedule to bootstrap people with LMTX and
for the first hello world steps.

3. Booth

I guess that Dante will have a booth as they had the years before.

4. A talk. I am pondering if I should submit a talk about our production
at Hostsharing but typesetting does not fit nicely in the main topics of
the conference.

Deadline is 2022-06-12.

For the Developer Room we need at least three people willing to attend
the whole time at least for one day.

If anyone would help me to organize a 2h-Bootstrap Workshop for ConTeXt
I would be very happy. Due to my holidays I am only available today and
I am unsure if I will have a stable internet connection from tomorrow
on. Sorry for the late announcement.

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