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Dear Albert!

Am 05.06.22 um 16:15 schrieb Albert Krewinkel via ntg-context:
> Dear juh,
> juh via ntg-context <ntg-context at ntg.nl> writes:
>> great to hear that, as my cooperative uses pandoc to produce print stuff
>> with ConTeXt, we are always happy, when there are improvements.
> I'd love to learn more about your workflow, if you have time to share at
> some point!

I would like to blog about it, but we are still tweaking the process.

In short.

Our authors use Markdown:

- to produce websites via Hugo
- to produce print stuff via pandoc-context

Our main concern was the question: How to roll out the context system to 
all contributors?

We maintain our system in a repo with a bootstrap script.

The bootstrap script determines the architecture of the computer, 
installs lmtx in the right architecture (linux,mac,windows) and 
generates a post-merge script for git that calls "context --generate" 
after every update of the repo.

The repo contains context stuff and pandoc stuff in two directories.
In ../context-project we have our style files and global images such as 
logos, icons etc.

In the pandoc directory we store our pandoc templates, filters, 
csl-styles and global bibliografies.

Last but not least the repo contains a build script that essentially 
calls pandoc and context on the given markdown file.

For each print project we have a different repository, eg. for reports, 
brochures, slides or offers.

We make use of the yaml preface in the markdown files especially for 
offers. The sales consultant only has to fill out the yaml part and 
build the file. The result is nice looking and standardized so that 
everyone in the coop could write an offer.

One dependency is that everyone must install the newest pandooc and 
Inkscape to convert SVGs to PDF. With the MP-way of doing this we had 
some problems. We need the SVG conversion for our documentation. It is 
special as we would like to build the html version also with pandoc from 
one single markdown source. In theory this is possible but there are yet 
some smaller problems to solve.

I am happy to answer questions for details.

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