[NTG-context] Compiling context files in command line

Bruce Horrocks ntg at scorecrow.com
Sat Jun 4 20:53:44 CEST 2022

> On 4 Jun 2022, at 06:21, Jaroslav Hajtmar via ntg-context <ntg-context at ntg.nl> wrote:
> Hello ConTeXist.
> After a long time, I turn to the conference for help.
> I use command line to batch process of many ConTeXt files. Is it possible at the end off compile proces to move the created PDF to another directory (subdirectory of current directory) using the command line commands? Somehow I can't do it or maybe I'm making a mistake somewhere. 
> Renaming works but moving into subdirectory I can't do it for some reason. What could be the problem? Is it even possible do it? I work with OS X in bash.
> Simple example of my use:
> context —mode=mymode  --result=subdir/mypdffilename.pdf processedfile.tex
> My nontrivial using (content of my bash file) 
> context --purgeall --mode=THISSECTIONONLYHARD --arguments="o=_identifikacni_udaje,k=1,pk=1,ppk=1,t=,s=14" —result="pdfresult/svp_identifikacni_udaje.pdf" _identifikacni_udaje
> context --purgeall --mode=THISSECTIONONLYHARD --arguments="o=_charakteristika_skoly,k=2,pk=1,ppk=1,t=,s=15" --result="pdfresult/svp_charakteristika_skoly.pdf" _charakteristika_skoly
> context --purgeall --mode=THISSECTIONONLYHARD --arguments="o=_charakteristika_svp,k=3,pk=1,ppk=1,t=,s=19" --result="pdfresult/svp_charakteristika_svp.pdf" _charakteristika_svp
> context --purgeall --mode=THISSECTIONONLYHARD --arguments="o=_zacleneni_prurezovych_temat,k=3,pk=1,ppk=1,t=,s=30" --result="pdfresult/svp_zacleneni_prurezovych_temat.pdf" _zacleneni_prurezovych_temat
> context --purgeall --mode=THISSECTIONONLYHARD --arguments="o=_ucebni_plan,k=4,pk=1,ppk=1,t=,s=36" --result="pdfresult/svp_ucebni_plan.pdf" _ucebni_plan
> In fact, it is used to create separate PDF files from one large complex document, where individual chapters are cut out of the overall document in pdf form.
> This creates a large number of PDF files that I do not want to be placed in the current directory. Parameters are used to pass chapter numbers and page numbers to ConTeXt, to  correct numbering in pdf files.
> Can you please advise?

You could put the move command into the Bash script.
context --purgeall --mode=THISSECTIONONLYHARD --arguments="o=_identifikacni_udaje,k=1,pk=1,ppk=1,t=,s=14" —result="svp_identifikacni_udaje.pdf" _identifikacni_udaje
mv "svp_identifikacni_udaje.pdf" "pdfresult"

Bruce Horrocks
Hampshire, UK

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