[NTG-context] issue with scite module

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sat Jun 4 10:42:11 CEST 2022

On 6/3/22 00:52, Max Chernoff via ntg-context wrote:
>> For the sake of consistency (with buff-imp-xml.lua), I think the patch
>> should read
>  > [...]
>> +local alsoname         = lpatterns.utf8two + lpatterns.utf8three +
>> lpatterns.utf8four
> I think that that pattern is a little too broad, since it will match any
> non-ASCII Unicode character. Things like U+202E (xkcd.com/1137), U+00A0
> (no-break space), etc are valid UTF-8 characters, but not valid XML tag
> names. Neither of these two characters are matched by the TeX catcode
> check. This doesn't make any real difference for a syntax highlighter
> though.

Hi Max,

many thanks for your reply.

At best, the patch is only a suggestion and Hans will merge the code he
sees it fits.

>> +local name             = (R("az","AZ","09") + S("_-.") + + alsoname)^1
> There's a doubled plus in the middle there. The patch works when I
> remove it.

I noticed it too just after sending the message to the list, but I had
to solve the issue with my installation first.

>> But I’m afraid I cannot make it work on my computer (Linux64).
>> On another Win64 computer, both patches worked perfectly fine.
> Hmm, that's really weird. Both patches work for me on my main Win64
> computer (after I fixed the extra plus).

It was a stupid mistake on my side. The patch I sent before points to
the error:

--- scite-context-lexer-xml.lua	2022-06-01 17:24:38.625976000 +0200
2022-06-02 16:37:30.112824947 +0200

I was compiling the sample file in the directory where the unmodified
version of "scite-context-lexer-xml.lua" was running.

ConTeXt was reading the unmodified file and not the modified one, but
that was all my fault.

Now I have to find a MWE for issues I’m experiencing with XML sources
and using the scite module.

Many thanks for your help,


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