[NTG-context] Compiling a large metapost document

Stefan Nedeljkovic tsar.srb at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 23:30:10 CEST 2022

Dear Thomas,

I'm sorry for all the shortcomings of my question. I'll try to be more
concrete. If you won't download my file, could you at least give me a hint
on how to configure LMTX?

I Tried editing the file context/tex/texmf/web2c/texmfcnf.lua, and running
context --generate, context --make, but the error persists. I'm new to
context and I don't know how to configure this file. Running --usage
reveals in the log that the category "token" is exceeded. I tried the
aforementioned editing of the conf file, but the log stays the same.


On Wed, Jun 1, 2022 at 10:26 PM Thomas A. Schmitz via ntg-context <
ntg-context at ntg.nl> wrote:

> On 6/1/22 22:15, Stefan Nedeljkovic via ntg-context wrote:
> > The problem *is* the file size. There is not a minimal example,
> > because everything works when there is less drawdot commands. There is
> > 125000+ drawdot commands in the file.
> > The run ends with the message:
> > If you really absolutely need more capacity, you can ask a wizard to
> > enlarge me.
> > mtx-context     | fatal error: return code: 1
> >
> > I really don't know how to "enlarge" LMTX, so my question is not about
> > debugging the file, but rather compiling it. The current version of the
> > file should produce no syntax etc. errors. I accidentally uploaded the
> > wrong file twice, now it should be fixed, and you should get the same
> > message in the console as me.
> Excuse me: you want me to download a huge file, from an unknown author,
> that may or may not contain all sorts of things. You want me to compile
> this file on my computer. To obtain an error message that you could have
> mentioned in your first message. Why? Why don't you search the list
> archives with the key words "enlarge capacity"? I still don't understand
> what you expect us to do.
> Thomas
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