[NTG-context] Pull quote between two column - trial

Garulfo garulfo at azules.eu
Sun May 29 19:39:43 CEST 2022

to use pull quotes, I need to use the dimensions of the different 
elements to be typeset, before typesetting, in order to adapt the shapes 
of the flow accordingly.

So here is just a basic code to
1/ get the dimensions of an item A that will be typeset, before it is 
actually typeset
2/ use these dimensions to define a item B that should be typeset before 
item 1
3/ typeset of item B and finally item A

It is a quick and dirty solution.

Please, could you help me to have a more elegant solution

1/ to replace


     by something more direct like


2/ to replace

    context("\\definemeasure[#2W][" .. (n.width /65536)  .. "pt]")

    by a more "luametatexish" formulation

Le 28/05/2022 à 20:25, Garulfo a écrit :
> some progress... if it can help.
> No more issue with nonsymetrical behavior, and \framed are properly 
> aligned with the grid.
> Garulfo
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