[NTG-context] Mark IV or LuaMetaTeX?

Tommaso Gordini illinguista1972 at gmail.com
Thu May 26 14:53:04 CEST 2022

Hello list,
forgive me if my question is too general and trivial and without a minimum

In the current state of ConTeXt development, which engine do you recommend
to use *definitively*? ConTeXt MkIV or LMTX?

I use macOS 10.15.7, on which I have MacTeX-2022, ConTeXt Standalone and
ConTeXt LMTX. My editor is TeXShop 4.72 (the last one), even if Synctex
doesn't work too well: source to PDF is almost OK, but PDF to source is
still very inaccurate, not to mention that to activate the direct and
reverse search you have to write such a thing as

%! TEX TS-program = ConTeXt2021
%! TEX useAlternatePath
%! TEX useConTeXtSyncParser

\setupsynctex [state=start, method=min]


I also have the latest TeXworks on board, but I don't understand how to set
it up. If you think that for ConTeXt is better than TeXShop and you want to
teach me how to set it up, thank you.

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