[NTG-context] Rendering Standalone MetaPost Graphics with ConTeXt

Vincent Hennebert vhennebert at gmail.com
Thu May 19 18:22:21 CEST 2022

On Thu, 2022-05-19 at 14:23 +0530, śrīrāma wrote:
> On 5/19/22 1:53 PM Vincent Hennebert via ntg-context wrote:
> > Looking at the wiki, it seems that \startMPinclusions is not meant
> > to
> > actually render any content, just to include MetaPost code like
> > function definitions. I guess I would have expected \startMPpage
> > instead.
> > 
> > Am I doing something wrong, or is that an error in ConTeXt?
> The MP statements should be inside a beginfig() .. endfig.

Oh, I see. Not super fan of enclosing each and every of my graphics in
a beginfig...endfig statement, but it does the job indeed.

Although in my case I must give a number parameter to beginfig,
otherwise I get an error.

Thanks Sreeram!

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