[NTG-context] Can I just put a footnote without marking in the main text?

Zhichu Chen chenzhichu at zjlab.org.cn
Wed May 18 07:55:23 CEST 2022

Hi everybody,

After some attempts to put footnotes in a mixed 1&2 columns layout, I 
decide to put marks in the one-column environment and flush them when 
entering the two-column environment.

The code is ugly but the result is acceptable. Except that the invisible 
footnote marks do generate something in the main text, so there's a 
blank line for each footnote.

Here's an MWE:



\setupnotation[putjustmark][numberconversion=set 2]

\definenote[putjustnote]%[footnote] % if footnotes need to be grouped, 
uncomment the second argument and the line after \the\titlefootnotes
\setupnotation[putjustnote][numberconversion=set 2]


\def\thanks#1{\putjustmark{#1}\appendtoks \putjustnote{#1} \to 
\def\email#1{\putjustmark{#1}\appendtoks \putjustnote{#1} \to 

   \setcounter[footnote][0] % this looks stupid because it has no effect
\to \titlefootnotes




\defineaddress[fst][name={Name of Institute or Affiliation, City, Country}]
\defineaddress[snd][name={Name of Secondary Institute or Affiliation, 
City, Country}]


The Title\thanks{Work supported by somebody.}

Me\email{myemail at some.where}\high{,}\note[address][fst]\high{,}\note[address][snd] 





%\setcounter[footnote][0] % why it's necessary to set the counter 
outside the token if I define [putjustnote] as [footnote]?


\input knuth




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