[NTG-context] List of publications…

Damien Thiriet damien at thiriet.web4me.fr
Tue May 17 20:32:13 CEST 2022

> Till there is a fix, I am able to workaround it by:
>   • using only lowercase characters (a-z) in the item tags 
>   • comment out all occurrences of 
>       tag   = lowered[tag]
>       field = lowered[field]
>    in publ-ini.lua
> Sreeram

Unfortunately, commenting out all occurrences of those two lines
didn't make the job for me.
And using lowercase characters is unfortunately a no-op as far as
I'm concerned: my bib files have been filled with CamelCase for years,
and are loaded by dozens of other files…

is there something I missed?
current version: 2022.05.02 16:19


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