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Rik Kabel rik at panix.com
Sat May 7 00:56:19 CEST 2022

On 2022-05-06 17:44, Hans Hagen via ntg-context wrote:
> [...]
> A bit like this:
> - Convert the whole bibliography database to html using pandoc in the 
> preferred cs rendering. That should be fast.
> - Use the normal context commands for referencing a citation (the cite 
> part is normally easy as there is not much variation in that; if 
> needed one can cheat and also pregenerate that). That's then just some 
> relatively small plugin mode.
> - When placing the bibliography, filter the right entries from that 
> html file (easy) using info that got stored in the tuc.
> It is also fast. The only depdency then is pandoc but that is widely 
> available (irr). But I would need to see an example of that kind of 
> out first. We basically treat the (formatted) bibliography as an 
> external resource but in some format that we can easily parse (and if 
> needed tweak).
> Hans
This is similar to my strategy today. I create a pandoc markdown file 
from my ConTeXt source using a simple script and generate ConTeXt output 
containing just the bibliography using pandoc. This output needs some 
minor tweaks, again scripted, to do things like replace the space in 
/Vol. 999/ with a non-breaking space to keep the following number on the 
same line and to convert /\em/ and such to taggable macros that I define 
in my environment. The result is ConText source that can be further 
edited (if necessary) and inserted where needed/./ I have not extended 
it to multiple bibliographies inĀ  a single document, although that 
should not be difficult.

Another possibility would be for ConTeXt, under control of a flag or 
setting, to generate an editable bibliography file that could be 
included under control of a second flag or setting.

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