[NTG-context] Cron <context at zapf> /var/www/aanhet.net/context/bin/cron/context-mirror

Taco Hoekwater taco at bittext.nl
Tue May 3 09:13:55 CEST 2022


So this cron forwarding actually works ;)

> On 2 May 2022, at 17:01, Cron Daemon via ntg-context <ntg-context at ntg.nl> wrote:
> receiving incremental file list
> ./
> ctan.lsr
> document-2.htm
> download-1.htm
> download-2.htm
> install.htm
> logo-ade.png
> logo-cts.png
> logo-pod.png
> rss.xml
> show-fil.pdf
> context/latest/
> context/latest/cont-mpd.zip
> context/latest/cont-ppc.zip
> context/latest/cont-sci.zip
> context/latest/cont-tmf.zip
> sent 90,352 bytes  received 18,536,958 bytes  3,386,783.64 bytes/sec
> total size is 456,819,434  speedup is 24.52

That block above means that Hans has uploaded new files to the pragma website.
That is not exactly the same thing as the packaged distribution, so bear in mind
that you probably (?) have to allow for a little bit of delay before running the
installation updater.

> Running archiver:
> New dir: /var/www/aanhet.net/context//htdocs/archives/context-2022-05-02.17
> 137316935	/var/www/aanhet.net/context//htdocs/archives/context-2022-05-02.17/latest
> 126745317	/var/www/aanhet.net/context//htdocs/archives/context-2022-05-02.17/current
> 18956262	/var/www/aanhet.net/context//htdocs/archives/context-2022-05-02.17/alpha
> 126707516	/var/www/aanhet.net/context//htdocs/archives/context-2022-05-02.17/beta
> 409730126	/var/www/aanhet.net/context//htdocs/archives/context-2022-05-02.17
> 409730126	total

This last bit is just my archiving code reporting local space requirements. I keep a fairly 
large collection of older downloads as well:


You may have to hunt backward in time to find a specific zip, because I delete duplicates 
occasionally, only keeping the oldest/first (Hans nowadays mostly updates ‘latest’, with a
‘current’ now and then. ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ are typically don’t change at all).

Also, the site is still plain http. I am not going to install https right now.

Best wishes,

Taco Hoekwater              E: taco at bittext.nl
genderfluid (all pronouns)

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