[NTG-context] recursion in a table

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Sun May 1 20:43:23 CEST 2022

I was playing with the example from 
and tried to put it in a tabulate:



     \NC\NC normal\NC depth\NC fit\NC broad\NC high\NC\NR
%    \HL % error

This works, but \recurselevel is always 0. I know I must expand it (like 
in the original example), but I can’t make it work within the tabulation.
In the first column, \expanded{\recurselevel} stays 0, and 
rotation=\expanded{\recurselevel} gives an error, while the \setuprotate 
line has no effect (if I remove "rotation=\recurselevel", of course).

How would that work?

Also, \HL doesn’t work at the end, and the second line of the error 
message makes no sense:
I expect to see \noalign only after the \cr of an alignment.
Proceed, and I'll ignore this case.
mtx-context     | fatal error: return code: 1


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