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Wrong.  The imperial measurement system, may give Europeans a headache, but is NOT obsolete, by any means.  A good chunk of the world use the imperial measurment system and may be required in certain books, depending on a country's standards.    



Henning Hraban Ramm via ntg-context <ntg-context at ntg.nl> wrote:

> Oh, great work, thank you! (While I keep working with WebCMS and avoid
> math...)
> And I guess you forgot to mention that you discontinued the support
> for non-metric measures like the obsolete inch, except Potrzebie, of
> course.
> Hraban
> Am 01.04.22 um 10:02 schrieb Hans Hagen via ntg-context:
> > Hi,
> > As most of you know by now, Mikael and I are working on a math
> > support upgrade. In order to let users keep up we uploaded a new
> > version. We have been revisioning some of the more obscure
> > constructs where we have   no clue of usage, like pmod, bmod,
> > bordermatrix etc, commands that we   took (and reimplemented)
> > decades ago from plain TeX or AMS TeX, assuming that these are
> > standards.
> > In this release, encouraged by the positive response we received
> > from users regarding the new simplealignment construction, and in
> > particular regarding the self-explaining sesac, we have decided to
> > introduced some new constructs. First out is
> > \startformula
> > \startxıɹʇɐɯ
> >    \NC a_1 \NC b_1 \NC c_1 \NR
> >    \NC a_2 \NC b_2 \NC c_2 \NR
> >    \NC a_3 \NC b_3 \NC c_3 \NR
> > \stopxıɹʇɐɯ
> > \stopformula
> > for rotation matrices. This was demanded for some advanced math
> > courses that Mikael teaches. It might inspire users to come up with
> > demands that suits their own obscure but nevertheless interesting
> > math.
> > At some point we realized that, with (also) scientific publishers
> > (of math journals) moving to MS Word and Indesign, we operate in a
> > rather peculiar niche and the fact that we use an upgraded and more
> > granular math engine, made us wonder how to communicate all these
> > new features and standards that we set. It is for that reason that
> > from now on we will operate under the CMS umbrella. That
> > abbreviation stands for ConTeXt Math Society. It has no funny swirly
> > TeX logo which itself is a statement: in Unicode math script and
> > calligraphic alphabets are so messed up that it is impossible to
> > have a reliable and predictable rendering. We go for Dutch and
> > Swedish simplicity in the spirit of W.N. Lansburgh: back to the
> > times before TeX was written (1964). There will be no limits and
> > boundaries set. (Talking math limits and boundaries: these can
> > already go everywhere anyway, as can fences.)
> > So, when we mention CMS, we mean serious math business, but
> > kindergarten math is also embraced! There are no consequences for
> > users: ConTeXt users with a proven math track record are
> > automatically a member, but we are not too picky, everyone is
> > welcome. We don't have honorary members but Taco (the first ConTeXt
> > math user) and Aditya (the most experienced   one) might consider
> > themselves as such. Mikael Sundqvist is the chairman, which is a
> > livelong appointment. (A nice side effect is that with Arthur living
> > in Sweden too, that gives us a very strong position in the TeX
> > landscape there.)
> > So, today's upload is sort of special: welcome CMS (ConTeXt Math 
> > Shines), goodbye AMS (American Math Second). Of course we're open
> > for suggestions and it being an open society all voices will be
> > heard, but only proper (retro) math cf Lansburgh will be honored. Of
> > course we only listen to ConTeXt users and, as that package is not
> > supposed to be used for serious math, we don't bother about the few
> > publishers left that still do math.
> > Are we done? Not yet. We're in the middle of (colorful and graphic) 
> > alignment ornaments and after that we're going to expand and improve
> > multi-line display formulas and equation numbering.
> > It will be no coincidence that the cover of Landburghs book about
> > math typesetting has a prominent 'AWE' embedded in a logo with a
> > lion on top: we hope all users are in awe about what the TeX lion
> > can do.
> > Mikael S & Hans H
> > 
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