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Hi Amine,

There are several ways to achieve a bibliography. The first one is your 
way, with a buffer, which you have to name it (see below : the buffer is 
named 'biblio')  : you put your references to books and articles between 
the 2 commands \startbuffer and \stopbuffer as the model shows hereafter 
(with the APA style). If you want to print a general and simple 
bibliography, you need a double command :\usebtxdataset[/any title you 
choose/][biblio.buffer] and \definebtxrendering[/any 
title/][apa][dataset=/any title/] after \stopbuffer. At the end of the 
text, you need to define the place where you want to print the 
bibliography. For that purpose :




\placelistofpublications[/any title/] [method=local]




/But, as far as I know, this method is boring/, because you need to 
write all you bibliographical sources in the buffer. The better is to 
build a separate bibtex file with such a software as JabRef (which is a 
kind of bibtex tool). This bibtex file is in your ConTeXt repository and 
you need only to call the name of your bibtex item. For instance, the 
book /Natural Right and History/ of Leo Strauss becomes 'Strauss,1952' 
(with JabRef) and if you cite this book in your text (like this : 
\cite[alternative=entry][/any title/::Strauss1952]}, you can find the 
item at the 'S' letter. Indeed, there is some work to do (feed your 
bitex file with items...), but when it is done once, it is forever (I 
guess ...). I give you a MWE as an attached file ...

Hope it helps !


[/here is the beginning of a buffer sample /]



author = {Cicéron},

title = {Tusculanes, V, 8},



author = {Leibniz, G. W.},

title = {Principes de la nature et de la grâce fondés en raison, 1714},

title:en = {Principles of Nature and Grace Founded in Reason},

booktitle = {\de Die Philosophischen Schriften von Gottfried Wilhelm 

booktitle:en = {The Philosophical Writings of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz},

editor = {Gerhardt, C. G.},

publisher = {Weidmann},

year = {1885},

volume = {6},

chapter = {8},

pages = {598–606},

address = {Berlin},

language = {french},



author ={Rousseau, Jean-Jacques}

title = {Discours sur l’Origine et les Fondements de l’Inégalité parmi 
les Hommes.},

year = {1755},



author ={Rousseau, Jean-Jacques}

title = {Discours sur les Sciences et les Arts},

year = {1750},



author = {Rousseau, Jean-Jacques},

title = {Émile},

year = {1762},



Le 26/03/2022 à 13:25, A A via ntg-context a écrit :
> Hi All,
> I'm trying to get a simple bibliography to work with ConTeXt. Here's 
> what I have so far:
> *test.tex*
> *
> *
> \usebtxdataset[bibliography.bib]
> \starttext
>   \startbodymatter
>     See \cite[proofwiki]
>   \stopbodymatter
>   \startbackmatter
>     \startsection[title=Bibliography]
>     \stopsection
>   \stopbackmatter
> \stoptext
> *
> *
> *bibliography.bib*
> *
> *
> @misc{
>   proofwiki,
>   title={{Definition:Collation - ProofWiki}},
>   author={{ProofWiki}},
>   howpublished={
>     \href{https://proofwiki.org/wiki/Definition:Collation}{link 
> <https://proofwiki.org/wiki/Definition:Collation}{link>}
>   },
>   journal={{ProofWiki}},
>   year={2021}
> }
> When I compile test.tex it generates a pdf, but the citation is not 
> included in the body matter. Also the actual reference is not present 
> in Bibliography.
> What am I doing wrong?
> Regards,
> Amine
> *
> *
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