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Sorry, there was a typo in my question below. test.tex looks like this:





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Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2022 at 06:39
Subject: mathcal generates error in ConTeXt
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Dear All,

I am using pandoc to covert a file called test.tex from LaTeX to ConTeXt.
Here are the contents of test.tex:





The file compiles OK with the following command and I see a resulting pdf:

*latexmk -pdflatex test.tex*

Then I try to convert with pandoc:

*pandoc -f latex -t context -o test_context.tex test.tex*

Pandoc appears to successfully generate a file test_context.tex containing
the following:


Then I try to compile the test_context.tex file:

*context test_context.tex*

Which unfortunately results in an error:

*resolvers       | formats | executing runner 'run luametatex format':
C:/context/tex/texmf-win64/bin/luametatex --jobname="./test_context.tex"
 --c:currentrun=1 --c:fulljobname="./test_context.tex"
--c:input="./test_context.tex" --c:kindofrun=1 --c:maxnofruns=9

*system          > callbacks > not registering frozen 'local_box_filter'*
*system          >*
*system          > ConTeXt  ver: 2021.11.02 10:03 LMTX  fmt: 2021.11.4
 int: english/english*
*system          >*
*system          > 'cont-new.mkxl' loaded*
*open source     > level 1, order 1, name
*system          > beware: some patches loaded from cont-new.mkiv*
*close source    > level 1, order 1, name
*system          > files > jobname './test_context', input
'./test_context.tex', result './test_context'*
*fonts           > latin modern fonts are not preloaded*
*languages       > language 'en' is active*
*open source     > level 1, order 2, name './test_context.tex'*
*tex error       > tex error on line 1 in file ./test_context.tex:
\textfont0 is undefined in (text) char, font id 0, character 63)*

*<line 3.1>*
*    $\mathcal{A}$*

*1 >>  $\mathcal{A}$*
*Somewhere in the math formula just ended, you used the stated character
from an*
*undefined font family. For example, plain TeX doesn't allow \it or \sl in*
*subscripts. Proceed, and I'll try to forget that I needed that character.*
*mtx-context     | fatal error: return code: 1*

Why does ConTeXt not accept mathcal? Why does pandoc not account for this?
How can I remedy this with a reasonable amount of effort?


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