[NTG-context] Make footnote/endnote number not superscript?

Bruce Horrocks ntg at scorecrow.com
Sun Mar 20 21:10:58 CET 2022

I'm editing a book that will be printed, however the authors have included URLs which will no doubt suffer from "bit rot" in no time at all. I think it will make the main text cleaner if I use endnotes rather than include the URL in-line in the text or as a (distracting) footnote. So when the author writes "See my video at <long Youtube URL>" I will print "See my video at link 1". At the back of the book, in an appendix somewhere, I then use \placenotes to display a table of the actual URLs for any readers that want to type them in. 

I want the "link 1" bit to be normal text rather than superscript so it's more visible. Using the \setupnote[textstyle=...] command I can change the style of the number but not the superscript placing.

Is there a way to remove the superscript placing, please?

Alternative solutions welcome: the URLs printed in the book will be mirrored on a web page associated with the book for as long as possible so that content that vanishes over time can be replaced with Internet Archive links as they are discovered. However the order of the book isn't finalised yet so I'd like the numbering to be sequential regardless of whether I move a chapter around later on. This is partly the reason for using \endnote because I can use a reference elsewhere in the text if necessary.

Thanks in advance.
Bruce Horrocks
Hampshire, UK

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