[NTG-context] \setupheadertexts for chapters with different authors

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Fri Mar 18 08:52:38 CET 2022

Am 18.03.22 um 01:48 schrieb jbf via ntg-context:
> I thought this should work, since \structurelistuservariable{author} 
> works fine to call the author name into the TOC, but the same does not 
> work for header texts it seems:
> \setupheadertexts
> [{\hfill\getmarking[\structurelistuservariable{author}]\hfill}][]
> [{\hfill\documentvariable{metadata:title}\hfill}][]
> But it doesn't. What am I doing wrong?

The *list* variables work only in lists.

There’s also \structurevariable and \structureuservariable.

Make sure you use setups for the header, otherwise the variable gets 
expanded only once at the beginning.

Like in:

\setupheadertexts[] % empty
\setupheadertexts[\setups{text right}][][][\setups{text left}]

\startsetups[text right]
\llap{Un Nom}

\startsetups[text left]
\rlap{Una Person}


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