[NTG-context] Force a hyphenation

Willi Egger context at boede.nl
Thu Mar 17 09:56:56 CET 2022

Thanks everybody very much for the explanations. — As I am Swiss, these matters with ß were never correctly understood and my knowledge about hyphenation is old…

Thank you Thomas for pointing me to the Duden-rules. I will check-out the same issue about ck and k-k …

Kind regards


> On 16 Mar 2022, at 17:29, Arthur Rosendahl via ntg-context <ntg-context at ntg.nl> wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 05:17:46PM +0100, Thomas A. Schmitz via ntg-context wrote:
>> So Eiwei-ßes may in fact be correct... But I assume that Arthur has some
>> authoritative answer to this question.
> I’ll refer to the German hyphenation pattern list as an authority
> (https://lists.dante.de/mailman/listinfo/trennmuster) :-)  But I do
> believe that you, Thomas, are right and that Eiwei-ßes is correct (while
> Ei-weißes is much better anyway).  It is in fact logical: ‘ß’ in the new
> spelling means that the preceding sound is long, hence it has to be
> spelt that way always, not “analysed” as ‘ss’.  If you were to hyphenate
> Straße as Stras-se, it would indicate a different pronunciation.
> 	Best,
> 		Arthur
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