[NTG-context] Calling in chapter number in list={}

jbf roma83537 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 22:03:31 CET 2022

I wonder if there is a way I can call in the chapter number in the TOC, 
although that number is not used for chapters as such. I know the 
chapter number is 'remembered' anyway, so there is probably a way I can 
call it in just for the TOC.

The context for this question is the layout for book which comprises 
individual contributions, and each contribution has its own 
author/copyright (hence the individual chapters bear a title without a 
number, but the editor who has compiled these wants them numbered in the 

I currently call the author name in the TOC with:


\leftaligned{#1}\par% title. \leftaligned is needed



\setuphead[chapter] of course includes number=no.

\setuplist[chapter] is currently set as:


And for the moment I simply use, as part of the \startchapter[] 
description: list={1. This is the rather long title of the first 
chapter, with the number included at the beginning}.

While that gives me the number of the chapter, it does not give me 
correct indentation when the chapter title runs to more than one line. 
What I would prefer to do is to be able to call the chapter number 
automatically with placing 1., 2., etc. in list={}.

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