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Thu Mar 10 13:44:33 CET 2022

Dear all,

there were some discussions on pdf viewers on the list and I know that
things are not always fine. I now have a problems with the Firefox pdf
viewer and TeX Gyre Heros.

The font looks uneven in FF, no problems elsewhere. 

When I scroll into the pdf to set the display to 150% or more the font
shows up just fine. So it seems to be a display problems with firefox.

I tried several pdf versions no change.

My configuration:

  \definefontfamily[mainfont][sans] [textgyreheros]
  \definefontfamily[mainfont][mono] [texgyrecursor][features=none]
  \definefontfamily[mainfont][math] [texgyrepagellamath]

  [Latin Modern Math]
  [scale=0.925, range=0x22C0]

\definefontfeature[smallcaps][script=latn, protrusion=quality, expansion=quality, smcp=yes, onum=yes, pnum=yes]
\setupitaliccorrection[global, always]

Is there anything I can do?

And the is another issue:
To my big surprise ArialBold MT is included into the file.

I am using the current lmtx.

If you want to see the effect, download the pdf.

Just click on "Anonym herunterladen" no need to register.

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