[NTG-context] help with facing page image

śrīrāma citturs at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 06:38:37 CET 2022

On Monday, March 7, 2022 9:19 AM jbf via ntg-context wrote:
> Author wants an image on facing page to each of 10 chapters in the 
> bodypart of the document. Assume that everything else is working 
> properly for this document (double-sided etc.), but other than before 
> chapter 1, I can't seem to get my facing page image to appear where it 
> should!

>From what I understood from your explanation, I have this:

%%% SOF
  % for 'mill'



  \startsetups chapter:before

  \startsetups chapter:after


    \startchapter[title={Chapter \convertnumber{word}{\recurselevel}}]
      \input knuth
      \input tufte
      \input ward
        \input zapf
        \input zapf
%%% EOF

[I am just using the mill picture on every facing page of chapter]
If the chapter ends on an even page then we can insert an empty page with \page[empty] with [aftersection=...] in \setuphead. The [before=...] is push, set background to mill on a new (empty) left page and then pop back (much like the example from wiki).


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