[NTG-context] footnote width in specific paragraph instance

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Sun Feb 20 01:27:30 CET 2022

I need to typeset a document that contains many poetry/verse examples, 
and am using \defineparagraphs[mypar][n=2] for the purpose. In one 
specific case a footnote is required. All good except that the footnote 
is the width of one of those two 'columns', not the usual textarea width.

Here is the current setup (the 'poem' environment is previously defined 
and not relevant here for my problem):



red desert dust

invades every crevice –

vast deserts

that we inhabit

inhabit us\footnote{The ‘reddesert dust...’ is adapted from Matthew 
diNevop. 103.}




{\emI will lead you

into the wilderness,

speak fondly to you

of my everlasting love

my unfailing kindness}



The resulting footnote:

1. The ‘red desert dust...’ verse overleaf is adapted from Matthew di 
Nevo p. 103

Is there a way I can get the footnote not to break after 'overleaf' and 
be normal textarea width instead? I did try \setupfootnotes[width=broad] 
but that did not help.

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