[NTG-context] Suggestions for more math classes?

Gavin gavinpublic at comcast.net
Wed Feb 16 15:29:43 CET 2022

Hi Mikael,

A while back you asked the list about math class ideas.

> Q1: Do you have any further suggestions on new classes (or comments on
> these)? It might be good to think about situations where you have felt
> that you need to insert manual spaces such as \, or \! to obtain a
> better result.

Three things came to mind:

1) Units, where I use:
     \, to separate units from the number
     \rm to get the text font
     \!\cdot\!  to get something like kg•m/s

2) Digits, where I use {,} to get a thousands separator

3) Chemical equations, which seem to be in their own strange world right now

Thanks for working on CoTeXt math!


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