[NTG-context] Odd Font Behavior in startstop Group

śrīrāma citturs at gmail.com
Sun Feb 6 13:36:14 CET 2022

On Sunday, February 6, 2022 3:50:21 PM IST Wolfgang Schuster via ntg-context 
> The following two font settings are wrong, you're passing the name of a
> typescript for the third argument while \definefontfamily expects the
> family name of a font.
> […]
> ConTeXt already provides a blockquote-environment which can be
> configured to have the same style as your custom environment.

Hi Wolfgang,

I have a related question:
I noticed that the font settings were wrong in the original MWE of Michael. I 
am also aware that ConTeXt has a blockquote env (having used it before). In 
fact, I first tested the following example before responding to Michael's 

%%% SOF

    main body font here
        \input knuth
    {\bf test}\par
    {\it test}
        {\bf test}
        {\it test}
%%% EOF

In the above, if the first line '\usebodyfont[termes]' is removed, the second 
blockquote env renders in schola not termes. Moreover, on removing the first 
blockquote env with '\input knuth' the second one appears correctly in termes. 
Thus, regardless of other things, '\usebodyfont[termes]' seems to be necessary 
here. Is this correct or am I missing something?

śrīrāma (Sreeram)

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