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Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 3 21:41:37 CET 2022

On 2/3/2022 8:15 PM, Ivan Pešić via ntg-context wrote:
> Hello!
> I've been working on a Serbian book and I had to transliterate it from 
> cyrillic to latin.
> There's been some nice improvement in transliteration, and I would like 
> to propose a small change.
> One of the peculiarities that current transliteration mechanisms (both 
> internal one and the 3rd party module from Philipp Gesang)
> don't process is that Љ, Њ and Џ are transliterated to Lj, Nj and Dž in 
> normal words that start the sentence, or in names that normally start 
> with a capital letter,
> but in titles written in all capitals they should be transliterated to 
> LJ, NJ and DŽ.
> So, the quick solution was to update the current mapping vector and add 
> another one (that is attached) that maps cyrillic capitals to LJ, NJ and DŽ
> and set the correct 30 letters used in Serbian language.
> It requires a bit more manual work to set the correct mapping for all 
> capitals text, but it works.
> I have also merged the Serbian hyphenation patterns, so there is no need 
> to switch the language in order to have hyphenation in transliterated text.
> That was possible because cyrillic and latin scripts use different code 
> points, and there are no conflicts in patterns.
> So I suggest merging the patterns for Serbian cyrillic and latin.

I'd like to hear Arthur / Mojca on that .... we can of course load them 
both but if that is an upstream merge i'll wait for that

you can actually map multiple to multiple in the tranmsliteration tables

["foo"] = "oof"

and such and there is in the next version also an exception mechanism 
that permits clone a transliteration and add exceptions

> There is another issue if one wants to use a dropcap and the rest of 
> that first word, and several following words are to be typeset in small 
> caps.
> If that first letter is Љ (or other two letters that transliterate as 
> digraphs), then the second letter of the digraph is not typeset in small 
> caps because
> it gets injected before the group that turns on small caps.
> For example:
>     \placeinitial
>     Љ{\sc уди нису знали}
> but this is quite a special case...
you can use \settransliteration{name} locally so as part of a style 
specification (there is also \resettransliteration)

the next upload has some more that Sreeram is currently documenting on 
the wiki


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