[NTG-context] paragraph notes located in text

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Tue Feb 1 19:44:05 CET 2022

On 1/31/22 10:11 PM, Wolfgang Schuster via ntg-context wrote:
> Pablo Rodriguez via ntg-context schrieb am 31.01.2022 um 19:49:
>> Dear list,
>> [...]
>> Could anyone confirm that the is no way to get paragraph notes when
>> location is text, or tell me what I’m missing?
> You forgot
>      \setupnotation[footnote][display=no]
> otherwise each footnote entry starts at a new line.
Many thanks for your reply, Wolfgang.

I wonder whether it would make sense that the use of "location=text" and
"paragraph=yes" in \setupnote could trigger "\setupnotation[display=no]".

Otherwise, for the average user "display" seems to invoke a similar
function to "placehead" in "\setuphead".

Many thanks for your help,


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