[NTG-context] sorting for particular sub entries to register

jbf roma83537 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 23:35:56 CET 2022

Let me come back to the unresolved (for me) question of two situations 
in sub entries to a book index (register). Sub entries that have 
formatting or sub entries that are surrounded by quote marks (straight 
or curly, it makes no difference) do not appear in the correct 
alphabetical order.

Two attempts on my part:

text before \index[Plenary+periti]{Plenary Council+{\it periti} 
(experts)} text after.

text before \index{animals+‘special kinds’} text after. Or 
alternatively, \index[animals+special]{animals+‘special kinds’}

The setup for my register is a pretty standard one. The processor is not 
for the 'periti' case above but I use it for book titles.



In the periti case it is the \it command that clearly interferes with 
correct alphabetic positioning in the sub entry list. Placing +periti in 
the key does not overcome that problem.

In the ‘special kinds’ case it is the initial single quote mark (‘) that 
causes the problem. The item comes last in the sub entry list. And if i 
include a key [special], then it comes first in the sub entry list. 
Either way, it is out of the desired sorting order.

I believe I have followed the helpful suggestions of various ones, but 
it is always possible that I have not fully understood those 
suggestions. The reality is that at the moment the issue remains 
unresolved for me. Any further wisdom out there to offer me?

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