[NTG-context] registers, how to ignore quote marks

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 30 10:59:53 CET 2022

On 1/30/2022 1:30 AM, jbf wrote:
> The several responses to my floundering with the register have been very 
> helpful, though I would have to confess that I have ended up 'messing 
> with' things (suggested by Hans re the [key]) and getting a satisfactory 
> result in almost every case without always understanding why. But I can 
> say that I have the 'sorting' issue resolved if it is a main entry, 
> including if that entry is surrounded by quote marks or has one part of 
> that entry formatted differently (e.g. italics).
> But I don't seem able to apply this to subentries! I cannot solve the 
> sorting of subentries that have special features (e.g. I might have 
> needed italics for part of a subentry, or the subentry is surrounded by 
> quote marks).
> Here are my two situations (and in each case they appear out of 
> alphabetical order in the subentry list):
> 1. \index{animals+‘special kinds’}: in this case ‘special kinds’ appears 
> in the subentry list at the bottom of the list, after one that starts 
> with 'v'. I 'messed with' this by adding keys, e.g., \index[Animals] 
> etc. but  the item disappeared from the index altogether.
> 2. \index{Plenary Council+{\it periti} (experts)}: in this case it is 
> the italicised /periti/ that appears out of place, after the letter 'i' 
> rather than after 'p'. Again I tried putting various keys but this did 
> not help.
> I guess my confusion is this: I assumed that the [key] establishes the 
> literal string which determines sort order. That seems to be the case 
> for a main entry. How do I get it to work for a subentry?
just provide an extra key:



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