[NTG-context] Why isn't bold + italics working together?

Joel uaru99 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 29 15:46:24 CET 2022

I am finishing the final touches on a manuscript, which I hope to send to a publisher later today and noticed this problem where bold and italic text isn't rendered at the same time.
I am using the EB Garamond font in my document. I set it up exactly as shown below. Strangely, bold works, italics works, but when bold and italics are together, it only display in italics, it doesn't display a bold italic text. I've confirmed the `EBGaramond-BoldItalic.otf` font is present and seems just fine. I've also tried by just using the default ConTeXt font and the error still appears, also in live.contextgarden.net. I tried searching the mailing list, as this seems like something that must have come up, but couldn't find any question about this.
Why won't it render both?

\starttypescript[serif] [garamond]\definefontsynonym[Serif] [file:~/.fonts/12/EBGaramond-Regular.otf]\definefontsynonym[SerifBold] [file:~/.fonts/12/EBGaramond-Bold.otf]\definefontsynonym[SerifItalic] [file:~/.fonts/12/EBGaramond-Italic.otf]\definefontsynonym[SerifBoldItalic] [file:~/.fonts/12/EBGaramond-BoldItalic.otf]\stoptypescript%\starttypescript[sans] [garamond]\definefontsynonym[Sans] [file:~/.fonts/12/EBGaramond-Regular.otf]\definefontsynonym[SansBold] [file:~/.fonts/12/EBGaramond-Bold.otf]\definefontsynonym[SansItalic] [file:~/.fonts/12/EBGaramond-Italic.otf]\definefontsynonym[SansBoldItalic] [file:~/.fonts/12/EBGaramond-BoldItalic.otf]\stoptypescript%\starttypescript[garamond]\definetypeface[garamond] [rm][serif][garamond][default]\definetypeface[garamond] [ss][sans][garamond][default]\definetypeface[garamond] [mm][math][modern][default]\stoptypescript%
\setupbodyfont[garamond, 12pt]%
\starttext\startitemize\item This text has {\bf bold} in it.\item This text has {\it italics} in it.\item Why doesn't this have {\bf\it bold and italics} in it?\stopitemize
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