[NTG-context] How to stop columns from splitting up items in a list?

Joel uaru99 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 29 15:45:06 CET 2022

I am writing a workbook that contains a materials list in front of some craft activities. 
I found that simply displaying a bulleted list can take up lots of space on the page, so instead put the list in three columns. The problem is, if there is an item with a somewhat long description, it can be split across columns. See the example below:
\starttext    \startcolumns[n=3]%        \startitemize[1]%             \item pizza cutter             \item a word processor (or notebook paper)         \stopitemize%     \stopcolumns%\stoptext
In the example, it split the second item across the columns.
How can I create columns that don't allow the item to split across them?
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