[NTG-context] registers, how to ignore quote marks

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 29 11:39:05 CET 2022

On 1/29/2022 11:02 AM, jbf via ntg-context wrote:
> Thanks for this response. I'll have to work on this (but tomorrow... 
> it's late at night for me at the moment). I can see part of what you 
> mean: I can use, for example \index[myindex]{\it Book title} (Book 
> Author) and get the correct result, but not sorted properly, so I have 
> to understand how, as you say, to 'set the sort entry to the unformatted 
> version' which is not clear to me at the moment. I'll tackle it on the 
> morrow when I'm thinking more clearly!
there is key and entry with key between []

when sorting, the key wins but because there can be duplicates the entry 
itself is also part of the final sort key

the accumulates sort key is sanitized and after that sorting happens in 
several stages (these can be defined / adapted) according to language, 
taking numbers into account and finally using the unicode ordering ...

you can fool the system by messing with the [key]

it's not the easiest subsystem (but it has a long history ... as with 
many subsystems the principles are not much different than mkii and the 
code seldom changes but of course evolved)


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