[NTG-context] What is the proper way to define many different list types in a document?

Joel uaru99 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 25 01:53:03 CET 2022

I have about several different types of list that reoccur multiple times in my documents. Though I tried to keep things simple, by just defining the type when it appears, strange glitches appear. For instance, I have one that uses the ☞ (pointing hand) logo, and sometimes that randomly appears in the wrong lists, for reasons I cannot understand.

Below is how I'm defining my lists. I have about a dozen more, this is a sample. Is there some more robust and consistent manner in which I should be defining them, so the settings from one type don't spill over into the other types?



        {\it #1}

\prompt{What did you learn about today?}


\item word1
\item word2
\item word3

%nested outline

    \item some text
        \item some text
              \item some text

%written answer (produces some lines after the question for writing an answer)


\item Which planet is closest to Earth? \writingbox{4}
\item What is the moon made of? \writingbox{4}

%materials list

\item crayons
\item scissors
\item glue

%word search clues (should be simple, but strangely this keeps getting the ☞ logo added instead of showing numbers)
\item a type of hat worn
\item a cold season
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