[NTG-context] How to get \placenotes to place footnote-style citations at the end of my content?

Joel uaru99 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 24 14:28:20 CET 2022

I'm spinning this question off another post, as my previous  question was very specific, but it was possibly discovered a more general bug exists?
I'm creating some lecture slides that have footnote citations throughout. The problem is, the slides themselves already don't have much screen space, and adding all of the footnotes on the same slide steals limited screen space. It ends up showing one bullet point per slide and filling the page with the citation information.
I still need to provide citations though. The solution is perhaps to place `\placenotes[footnote]` after several slides. Then, at the very end of the document list the full bibliography with ` \placelistofpublications`.

In this way, I still present the citations, but they don't bury the content of the slides.

But something seems wrong with ConTeXt, not allowing this to function. Try to compile this code which Joey sent me and it won't populate `\placenotes[footnote]` with any content:
\startbuffer [bib]

author = {Clark, William},
title = {Railroads \word{and} railroad towns \word{in} New Mexico},
publisher = {New Mexico Magazine},
year = {1989},
address = {Albuquerque, New Mexico},
isbn = {9780937206126}




\setupnote[footnote][location=none] % commenting out this line will produce
footnotes that expand the citation correctly


   \input knuth


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