[NTG-context] May I credit you in DTK?

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Sun Jan 23 14:13:53 CET 2022

Am 23.01.22 um 13:58 schrieb śrīrāman:
> I am flattered that you want to credit me, but am not sure why you would want
> to do so: I am just a beginner here (relatively) and only recently from a
> month or two back got involved with the indic things.

Well, you are very active in this discussion and thus advance the 
support for Indic languages. That’s what I say in the article.

One reason for crediting active users (even if they don’t code 
themselves) is to bust the myths that ConTeXt would be a one-man-show 
and nobody would use it. (Other myths I address in this article are that 
ConTeXt would be unfit for math or bibliography.)

> If you want to anyway, then I would only request you to kindly use my given
> name: śrīrāman (or śrīrāma) as very few people outside family know me as
> kauśika. I had created this account for personal use some time back and never
> thought to change the name. Now since I am professionally involved in this I
> have changed it to my given name.

You’re welcome! I just assumed you wanted to stay pseudonymous.


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