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> (it is a bit of a pity that support for indic scripts is such a  
> weird mix of font technology and
> engine dependent reshuffling ... probably also driven by limitations  
> of open type at that time)>

When using these fonts regularly, one notices very erratic formatting  
phenomena that must have to
do with the Devanagarī font, or its interaction with (Xe)TeX. Perhaps  
this is the same phenomenon
seen from the user side.

In my case things improved when I switched to Adishila (in XeTeX):


This is, to my taste, the nicest Sanskrit font, but it is difficult to  
decide between Adishila and

The Murty font is also quite good, but it is commercial and cannot be  
used for book production. I
asked whether there was a way to get a licence, but at the time this  
was impossible. But the font
team there recommended ``Sanskrit Text'' (Sansk.ttf) which is one of  
their products that made it
into a Microsoft Windows Standard font (I am not using Windows). It is  
also very good, but Adishila
works better for me.

I cannot say how thrilled I am about the Indic support, thanks a lot  
to Kaushika!


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>> Is there a font out there that supports all these scripts in one font?
> Shobhika font is a free font that has some of the largest number of glyphs
> (i.e has many conjuncts) for the Devanagari script.
> https://github.com/Sandhi-IITBombay/Shobhika
> The font also has a good Latin component based on PT Serif. This Latin part
> has good support for the roman (IAST) transliteration for Sanskrit. But
> strictly only the IAST spec character for Sanskrit are available.
> It also has glyphs for some commonly used mathematical symbols.
> Noto Serif Devanagari is also decent for just Devanagari (not sure  
> of the IAST
> part).
> As for Sans typefaces, Mukta Devanagari is a free font:
> https://github.com/EkType/Mukta
> Of these, Shobhika has the best conjunct coverage. I will shortly update the
> wiki with a much more exhaustive list and report here.
> kauśika
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