[NTG-context] new upload

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 21 20:28:05 CET 2022


Weekend uoload:

- more math parameter magic (plus a real ancient bug no one noticed fix):

\newdimen     \mydimenA  \mydimenA 10pt
\newskip      \myskipA   \myskipA  10pt
\newmuskip    \mymuskipA \mymuskipA10mu
\mugluespecdef\mymuskipB           10mu

\inherited\Umathfracfracspacing\allmathstyles \mydimenA  % dynamic
\inherited\Umathfracfracspacing\allmathstyles \mymuskipA % dynamic
\inherited\Umathfracfracspacing\allmathstyles \myskipA   % dynamic
\Umathfracfracspacing\allmathstyles\mymuskipA            % frozen

% \alltextstyles \allscriptstyles \allmathstyles \allsplitstyles
% \resetmathstyles

     $\displaystyle\mathfrac {x}\mathfrac {x}$\par
     $\textstyle   \mathfrac {x}\mathfrac {x}$\par
     $\scriptstyle \mathfrac {x}\mathfrac {x}$\par

so we can have fixed values too .. will be explained in due time by 
Mikael (in manual) as we're still experimenting with all this

- initial indic transliteration support .. recent indic (font) 
experiences and transliteration tricks will be eplained by kauĊ›ika


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