[NTG-context] Counter names

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 20 18:41:43 CET 2022

On 1/20/2022 2:24 PM, Joaquín Ataz López via ntg-context wrote:
> Good morning to all. I would like to ask where I can find information 
> about the name of the different counters that are handled in ConTeXt, in 
> order to manipulate them manually.
> I guess the number of internal ConTeXt counters will be tremendous. But 
> I would like to know what the "most common" counters are called, for 
> example the ones that control the different structural units (chapter, 
> section...) or the elements of a structured list, etc.
> I have tried to apply \incrementcounter or \decrementcounter to some 
> counters that also exist in TeX as, for example, chapter, section... but 
> I don't get any result.

most counters are 'protected' from messing them up and section related 
counters are kind of grouped anyway and have their own system

other counters, like those for floats are more directly accessible










chemical combination endnote figure footnote formula graphic
intermezzo itemgroup:itemize itemgroup:itemize:note linenote
paragraph realpage subpage table textnote:note userpage

otherw will be defined when you create instances


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